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The Cord

The Cord


The Cord is a free resource via text, now managed by Chicago Birthworks Collective for pregnant women, mothers and any other person looking to gain resources for expecting parents in Chicago. It’s also where you can ask real birthworkers about things you’d like to know regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood! Chicago Birthworks Collective is a birth and postpartum collective made up of entirely professionals of color who’s strongest desire is to see other expecting people of color thrive through every stage of reproduction! We are here for you!

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How It Works

  1. Subscribe to "The Cord" by entering your phone number. Standard text messaging fees apply.
  2. We'll send you resources on healthy pregnancies, tips on what to do after the birth, maternal and baby news, updates and thoughts on pregnancy and motherhood in Chicago."
  3. Reply directly to us, weigh in on topics, share your story and contribute ideas on how we can better serve moms in Chicago through our reporting. Let's make a modern mama community together.